Rebuilding Communities Affected by Disaster
Project Mudd!!! SIDR Haiti response

Serious tropical depressions have flooded the city of Cap Haitien,Haiti!!!
With this recent flooding, over 6000 are homeless with the numbers expected to climb in the days to follow. The hurricane season is not yet over!
Flooding causes the only potable wells to be contaminated by debris. SIDR is going in to assist by cleaning the wells destroyed and place a well platform around each well and extend the well heads so they may place a cap upon the well in the event of further disasters!! By cleaning these wells as soon as possible,we  reduce the chance of a flare up in the cholera epidemic presently plaguing this area!!
SIDR will also assist the disabled by shovelling the mud from their homes, which we believe to be over 3 feet in depth, far too overwhelming for those affected.
We urge your support and donations to assist this already besieged country!!
The gift of clean water is a right that all of humanity should have!!
The cost of repairing and fixing a well is $150.00 and serves at minimum 20 people . Please give generously!!