Rebuilding Communities Affected by Disaster
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We have just returned from 3 months in the Tacloban area.
As you can see from the photos, the devastation from Typhoon Haiyan was unimaginable until you see it first hand.
The first 2 photos are of the downtown area of Tacloban.  The storm surge was 8 meters high and was coupled with winds over 300 kilometers per hour. You can see the result.
The last photo is of a graveyard beside the highway -- in a school yard.  Every day we drove to town right until the time we left, the authorities were still pulling bodies out of the debris. And still they are finding more as the waters recede and summer approaches
At SIDR no one takes any form of pay whatsoever, we make sure that 100% of donations hit the ground and into the hands of those that really need it.
We are currently putting out a call for funds for roofing and building materials as very few of the schools have been supplied with anything but a tarp!!
We are also hoping to build evacuation centers,that will serve as clinics as well as schools for this area, as each year they are hit with typhoons and always the risk of dangerously high flood levels.
We at SIDR are very proud of the fact that we built the first permanent home here in this disaster!!
While others are planning and going to meetings to discuss whats next, we have been empowering locals on safe building practices. From showing them how to make strong concrete hollow blocks to standard stud construction including bracings for earthquake resistance to typhoon resistant roofs.
We urge you to donate and be a part of this nations recovery!